Eat and Drink in Malta

Need a couple of recommendations for restaurants in Malta? You’e come to the right place. Food is obviously an important part of travelling. Apart from being a basic necessity to find a place you can eat well and not risk any nasty holiday surprises, it’s often also a big part of a country’s culture. Malta is no exception. When it comes to restaurants in Malta, you’ll find that there’s a good selection with a relatively high standard of food quality and service.

Laguna Restaurant

Laguna Restaurant in Malta

The Laguna Restaurant has a unique location in the very new Smart City Malta, where its patrons can enjoy a warm and pleasant family ambiance, which also welcomes children.
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Rubino in Malta

Opened to clients in 1906, Rubino is one of the oldest establishments in Valletta. Originally a confectionery and run by Vincenzo Rubino from Palermo, Sicily, it soon became a Valletta landmark.
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Ta' Marija Restaurant

Ta' Marija Restaurant in Malta

Ta’ Marija, embodies the joyous, festive nature of the Maltese character. It is all about being welcomed like one of the family. Here, Maltese history and tradition are all around. The walls are adorned with traditional pots and pans, as well as photos of the premises in its previous incarnation as the “Whispers Knightclub” during the sixties, featuring prominent entertainers of the day.
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