Activities and Family Activities in Malta

Few holiday destinations have as much to offer as Malta in so concentrated a form. Sun, beaches and turquoise water go hand in hand with 7000 years of history: a rare combination you simply have to experience. Swim with dolphins, take a Jeep safari, ride out into the sunset or dive deep into the ocean: Malta has it all. Experience Malta’s fantastic nature on horseback or bike; dive and see the amazing underwater world or visit the most remote, hard-to-reach spots with a jeep. Play golf, go paragliding, climbing or hiking. If you are a thrill seeker, you will deffinitely fall in love with this country. The best part is that it has some great adventures for the children. Here they can interact with nature in a unique way and they won’t forget it for the rest of their lives.

Fitness and Gyms in Malta

Fitness and Gyms

Fitness and wellbeing are vital ingredients in creating a healthy mind and body. Finding the motivation to exercise, might be easier if you knew that you would be catered specifically for your needs...
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Watersports in Malta


Malta is one of the most beautiful pieces of heaven you could find on our planet. Being such a beautiful place, bonding with nature there is a unique feeling. There are many watersports which you can...
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Zoos and Wildlife Parks in Malta

Zoos and Wildlife Parks

Malta’s unique topography, lovely weather and clear Mediterranean seas will always attract people to its shores and rightly so. However, it is the intricate heritage and historical attractions...
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