Attractions and Places to Visit in Malta

The capital city of Valletta host to regular plays and concerts, as well as scores of exhibitions and street events. The Museum of Archaeology in Valletta houses an exceptionally rich collection of prehistoric artefacts. The War Museum at Fort St. Elmo is home to a Sunday military parade in period costumes re-enactment and the capital also possesses the impressive Grand Master's Palace and St. John's Co-cathedral. With 7,000 years of history, the sites to visit are endless - Megalithic temples, underground catacombs, churches and forts are not to be missed. Interactive walkthrough and multimedia attractions offer an overview of Malta's history in under an hour. They're interesting and a great way to learn the significance of what visitors will later be looking at. The Museum of Roman Antiquities and various other sites are found in Rabat. The Cathedral and its museum in the fortified medieval city of Mdina, right next door to Rabat, are not to be missed, For a romantic stroll like no other, wander the lamp lit streets of Mdina at night. Don't miss the renowned chocolate cake at Fontanella Tea rooms, situated right on the bastion with a spectacular view.

Fort Rinella in Malta

Fort Rinella

Built in 1878 by the British, Fort Rinella was the most technologically advanced war machine of its day. Powered by coal-fired steam driven hydraulics it could fire its monstrous 100-ton gun...
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Malta at War Museum in Malta

Malta at War Museum

The Malta at War Museum (MAW) is located at Couvre Porte, Vittoriosa (Birgu). It stands to document the great ordeal which the brave people of Malta and their defenders have endured during the dark days...
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St. Paul's Cathedral Museum in Malta

St. Paul's Cathedral Museum

According to tradition, St. Paul's Cathedral stands on the traditional site of the home of St Publius, father of the governor of the island at the time that St Paul was shipwrecked in Malta. St Paul is said...
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